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Nicki Minaj Instagram

Nicki Minaj Instagram

Nicki Minaj is the world’s most recognisable female rapper, and one of the biggest pop stars on the planet. After Playtime is Over came two more mixtapes—Sucka Free (2008) and Beam Me Up Scotty (2009)—before breaking into the mainstream consciousness with her debut album Pink Friday. Released in November of 2010, Pink Friday was a runaway success with singles “Your Love”, “Right Thru Me”, and “Superbass”, which is said to have really catapulted Nicki into the eye of the storm when Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez released a video of them rapping along to it.

Nicki Minaj is now as much of a household name as they come. A rapper, an artist, an actor, a designer, a powerhouse. Two more films under her belt, multiple accoladesy, and actual icon status. A force to be reckoned with. What a time to be alive. To celebrate Nicki’s ten years as an artist.

Nicki Minaj Instagram

Nicki Minaj Instagram

Nicki Minaj and Instagram Influence

Nicki Minaj has 81.5 million Instagram followers with over 4744 posts. She is indeed a big Influencer on Instagram. Nicki Minaj has a net worth of more than 75 million $, she is a member of Young money entertainment. She has her fragrance label Pink Friday, has lipstick line M.A.C lipstick, and nail polish range of OPI. She make good money out of her Instagram feeds through promotions and ads. While her multi-colored wigs, outrageous outfits, and wild alter-egos might make Nicki seem bizarre and crazy, her every move is a calculated step in her plan to achieve a world dominating empire. Don’t let her wacky style fool you — Nicki Minaj is a smart, savvy business woman.

Instagram has proved a fairly successful deal for Nicki and with millions being her followers the money keeps flowing to her. Now if you think all this possible for everyone, it is not. But what is possible is having followers count to your account, you can easily buy instagram followers and make a celebrity out of you and, you also can earn from the promotional aspect of it. So Nicki minaj is truly a inspiration of what a man can achieve whether male or female, and once the popularity be wise and earn through Instagram.

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