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Kylie Jenner Instagram

Kyle Jenner is the latest entrant in the entertainment and social media industry of the Khardhashian family. Kylie was born on Aug 10 1997, she is the daughter of Caitlyn Jenner( formerly Bruce Jenner) and Kris Jenner. Kylie like her whole family is a Internet sensation and is on the paths of her elder sister Kim to fame, success and money. Now as we are focusing on the Instagram we would be talking about her Instagram feats.

10 Kylie Jenner Instagram Facts

Kylie Jenner Instagram

Kylie Jenner Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Kylie Jenner has a follower base of 95.6 million followers. She is a Instagram sensation and people are head over heals about her here are some interesting facts regarding the Kylie’s Instagram account, which are taken from Instagram feeds.

  1. Right now Kylie favourite blush is Rodeo Drive Blush form Koko Face Palatte.
  2. Kylie wants to expand ‘Kylie cosmetics into full cosmetic line foundations, cancellers’ etc.
  3. Kylie and Travis have got matching tattoo.
  4. Kylie once had a private Instagram account but deleted it when it reached 50k followers.
  5. Kylie make 18 million $ a year from Instagram endorsements.
  6. Kylie has her Instagram manager who is also her assistant who takes pictures of her on Instagram.
  7. Kylie herself designed her Shop the ‘Kylie shop’.
  8. Kylie made approx 10 million $ in personnel earning from the sale of her own products.
  9. Kylie has made it to the The Times ‘Most Influential Teens’ list.
  10. 100% of her net proceeds from her brand ‘smile’ would go towards clefts surgery for children in the developing world. Kylie would be presenting the check to them personally.

Thus we see that the Kylie Jenner is a very prominent personality of Instagram, she is a Influencer in every aspect, and with age being on her side she is bound to cross her more popular sister Kim soon. Now you must be wondering how one can be that successful, well the reality is that yes, that much popularity is not possible for a common man, but you have every possibility to shine locally or even in a niche specific market, all you have to do is buy Instagram followers and see your follower base grow.

Kylie Jenner has indeed conquered the internet and is here to rule it, and make Instagram more hot. The success of teenagers like kylie shows us the real power of social media, specially Instagram which has changed the entertainment industry for good. So be left behind in this age buy real followers and influence the Instagram and shine in glory.

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